Not the most productive October (or how I learned to start making excuses)

IMG_0697.jpgThe last post was within the first week of this month.  I hoped to have October be a glorious bounty of running pictures, the Wildwood Trail littered with orange, yellow, and brown leaves, me running like a fool coasting toward the winter.  That didn’t happen.  Here’s my excuse.

My car died.  The Shakespearean tragedy that was the demise of my beloved 2001 Subaru Outback will probably make you roll your eyes.  Long story short, someone hit me, their insurance company totaled it out, I put that money into repairing it, drove through a small lake during Typhoon PDX, and managed to hydrolock the engine.  Fortunately, my insurance policy footed the bill this time, but that left me carless for a good amount of time.

It seems strange for a runner blaming their car for their lack of running.  I actually managed a decent amount of road running, and I’m grateful I haven’t lost my road legs.  My car was the gateway to Forest Park, as I work and reside on the exact opposite side of town.  Between work and life, there was little room for me to catch a bus or ride my bike up to my usual trailhead.  Yes, that’s why this post is called excuses.

I’ve had to live vicariously through other Portland runners on Instagram and Strava.  It’s made me hungry and I’m officially back on the trail as of tomorrow.  This afternoon was spent in one of Portland’s lovely DMV offices, getting my newish car registered and all that fun stuff.  I cannot wait to step foot back on the trail, although I’m a bit nervous since it’s been over a month.

If you’re one of the three people that read this blog, you’ve probably also noticed posts to this fledgling running blog have taken a quick downturn.  Work was absolutely a hell of a month and about all I did between mourning my car and not run on trails was binge watch any half-decent show I could get my hands on.

So, if you’ve been reading and are still checking in…thank you for your patience.  I promise there are lots of half-written posts covering nutrition, training, and running that will be coming up in the next few weeks.

Say a little trail runner’s prayer for my Lone Peak 2.5’s and I tomorrow as we step back onto the Wildwood.



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