Life, like shit, happens…and as much as I hate trite, little expressions like that I think we’re all really feeling it this past week.  Oh well, life goes on, all that stuff…

The vibrant, orange and red colors of fall are quickly fading away to a mess of brown mud along the Wildwood.  The crisp breath of death whispers through the empty fir and oak branches.  I feel a little cheated out of fall, at least as far as the Forest Park splendor goes.  The next few months will be a weary view from under the hood of my rain jacket.  The magic feels gone.

It’s time to set some goals.

But…first…depression is a motherfucker.  It’s come and gone for me most of my adult life, but this time of year, I can hear it creeping back in.  It may sound like the cliched mental ailment to stamp yourself with, but it’s been a battle since I was young.  I’ve been to therapy, meds, no therapy, off meds, back to therapy, and so forth.  I did manage to get off some pretty gnarly meds a couple years back, and that’s where running came in.  It’s helped, but it would be a lie to say the running is a cure-all.

The days are getting darker here in Portland.  Today, I had everything ready to go.  My hydration pack was filled, the mud freshly shaken off my Lone Peak 2.5’s, all so there would be no excuse for not getting out on the trail today.  Then, 3:00 PM rolled around.  A last minute rush at work and a literal fucking monsoon swooping in, I checked for the hourly forecast.  It looked like the monsoon could go either way, but the glaring bit of the weather info was what time the sun would set.  4:38 PM, when I would probably be into my first mile, and darkness and rain would overtake the Wildwood Trail.

Sounds pretty fucking defeatist, eh?  Oh, poor me.  The big, bad rain is going to come and ruin my day.  Excuses are like assholes:  we all got them and they serve us well when the shit comes around.  Sorry if that sounds crass, that’s the Montana in me.  Yes, the weather and the darkness swept in, but it was ultimately my choice not to tie-up my shoes and get on with something I know I need to be doing.  This is Portland-fucking-Oregon, a place I’ve lived since 2005, and before that, I lived in Seattle.  For a person that’s spent the past 15 years living in the Pacific Northwest, rain is no longer an excuse.

So, if anyone is reading this, you just became my accountability coach.  You heard of those?  If not, Matt Frazier over at No Meat Athlete wrote a great post about it here.  I’m not really ready to be on Facebook at the moment in time (still living in blissful ostrich mode since the goddamn election), so I’m going to try and keep a record as best I can here.  This is supposed to be a site about running, after all.  Hopefully, me using you the reader as some sort of accountability, will keep me motivated.  The goal is to run everyday and write something about it, as well as get a few pictures to share.  Hopefully, most of it is done on the Wildwood, although my Hoka One One Clifton’s are really making the road running a pleasure these days.

Here’s to sum it up:  4 days a week running (minimum, with best case scenario being 5), 3 days of quick strength routines, 1 post per workout with pictures included.  Hopefully, that all works out.

Also, I’m working on trying to get a few interviews going.  I’ve reached out to a few brand founders and/or runners I admire, and I’m hoping to have a few people’s stories to share.  There is a potential for a podcast, if I can get guests, but that’s a ways out (if at all).  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would like to have other people tell their stories on here, not just me.  If you or anyone you know has a great story, please hit me up in the comments section or shoot me an email.  Thanks for reading, all 37 of you (that’s how many views the site’s had since going live).


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