Week In Review, 12/5-12/11

This week…well, it fucking sucked.

Monday, 12/5

Woke up and my right eye would not open.  No, it wasn’t glued shut with eye boogers, but I could barely get it to open.  I actually had to pull my car over a couple of times on the drive to work because I was swerving around like a drunk.  Once I got to work and downed a couple stout mugs of Cold Brew, the eye worked a little better.  Got through my work day, then when I was changing into my running stuff, caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror.  Instead of complimenting myself on how handsome I am or making daily affirmations, I noticed the problematic eye was very red.  Not just the eye itself, but the lid and underneath my eye.  Red, like infectious red.  So, I decided to drive to the doctor instead.  To sum it up:  eye infection, not serious, just put on antibiotics that made me shit for two days straight.  You guessed it:  no running.

Tuesday, 12/6-Wednesday, 12/7

Netflix.  Amazon Prime.  HBO Go.  You Tube.  Read a little bit, too.  Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure I either shat or puked out pretty much everything I ate.  Fun times!

Thursday, 12/8

I’m not trying to poo-poo on the many pictures I saw of Portlanders frolicking or running through the snow.  I’ll just be honest.  I grew up in Montana, so I’m over that shit.  When it snows here, all it means to me is a couple days of dealing with bad drivers, which is quite a statement when I live in the Mecca of bad driving.  It was my first day back to work, still feeling the antibiotics reeking hell on my guts…so no running.

Friday, 12/9

Hmmm…let me think.  Sat in my mechanic’s waiting room.  Sat in my doctor’s waiting room.  Stood in line at a few stores.  Got stuck in traffic.  Stomach still grumbling.  No running, just excuses.  Got a lot of reading and writing done, though.

Saturday, 12/10

I decided, since my stomach was still bobbing around like a buoy in stormy waters, to take a hike on the Wildwood.  About a mile in, I was glad I did.  I don’t mean to sound overly dramatic, but the Wildwood got fucking massacred during the snow storm.


This picture is a little blurry because I was trying not to fall on my ass.  As I took it, a lady ran up behind me, dressed for a good run, and stopped as if she were staring into the abyss.  That was not the last dismal expression I saw, but to be fair, there were some people smiling.  There were certainly more people than I expected there to be.  Lots of tree carnage.  I did my best to clear stuff off as I came to it, but some of those branches and trunks are weighted down by the ice they are still encapsulated in.


This picture does not do the scene justice.  An entire tree uprooted, pulling up a giant chunk of the trail.  Another scene that made me glad I was on a hike.  Several branches were hanging much lower than usual, again, weighted down by the ice.  The runners I saw out there have all my respect.  Honestly, by the end of the hike, I wished I had at least brought my running gear to try it.  Sitting here now, I’m giving Mother Nature a little more time to thaw the ice/mud that is the Wildwood.

It ended up being a pretty good hike.  6-miles, out and back, in about an hour and a half.  I’m excited to get back, hopefully this Wednesday, to have a go in my running gear.  Forecast for this week calls for snow again, so it should be interesting.

Sunday, 12/11

I worked and wrote this.  More running this week, that’s the goal.



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