Hi, I want to run a 100-miler

2017 looked like a magical RESET button, as the hideous 2016 died it’s slow and painful death.  Amongst my friends and family, everyone uttered some sort of sentiment equating to “Fuck off, 2016”.  I’m surprised there weren’t bumper stickers printed up.  As December 31st came closer and closer, we all saw verbose, abrupt posts and pictures scattered across social media suggesting we just need to get to 2017.  Well, 2017 is here, and thirteen days in, it’s looking an awful lot like 2016.

There will be no more moaning and groaning about things that are mostly out of our control right now.  The world’s a pretty shitty fucking place at the moment, so just accept it, pay attention, and act when you can.  Acceptance is not agreement, nor is it defeat.  Acceptance allows you to move on with your life while acknowledging the rancor.  Donald Trump isn’t taking away your trails, streets, or running shoes….so take care of yourself and those closest to you.  Go for a run, get some endorphins flowing, and try to be the best version of you.  If we all do that, this ship we’re on will right it’s course eventually.

Writing this down so all five of you that read these posts will hold me accountable.

I want to run a 100-miler in 2017.  I’m currently training for a self-supported 50-miler, using the excellent Sage Running Plan.  That’s a lofty goal, but by this spring, I will be turning 36, and I want to run a 100-miler while I still have a good amount of fuel in the tank.  I’m not saying that people older than 36 can’t run a 100-miler and run it great, I’m only speaking for myself.  I know my body, I know my hereditary genes, and I feel like the clock is ticking on me to start living up to some goals.  I’m often the goal setter, rather than the goal finisher.

Those goals:  run a 50-miler this spring, then find a 100-mile race/run in the fall.  Maybe it’s easier to set goals while I sit comfortably in front of my laptop with a calendar in front of my face with a wealth of days and months that can be utilized for training.  Maybe I should start making back up plans, especially for those days when I get off work late, covered in dust and coffee (I roast coffee for a living) and the last thing that sounds good is an hour or two of running.  Despite knowing how good I will feel afterward, after a long day of very physical work, it’s hard to get in the car and point it toward the head of a trail of pedestrian path I intend to run on.

I could fail.  Maybe I should prepare for the best and for the worst, and prepare to accept whichever I get.  Fail, I at least got a good year of running in considering the training schedules, and I learn what I need to do to succeed next year.  Succeed, and I know those races I hear so much about are something I’m capable of.

2017 is the year I need to get real.  Stop setting goals, start finishing them, and become some semblance of the person I would like to be.

There’s a long road ahead.  Keeping a 4-5 day a week running schedule has been very difficult.  This is due mostly to the winter and my aversion to running in the dark.  The Wildwood Trail has been very icy the last couple weeks and I’ve had some close calls of either falling on my face or ass.  Due to the physicality of my job, I can’t risk a serious injury that would sideline me from work for any long period of time.  Going slow is fine, but the time factor comes into play.  There’s a lot of excuses, but excuses aren’t real.  Excuses are excuses.

Stay tuned and hopefully there will be much more coming to this site in 2017, as well as watching some sort of training log.

Oh yeah, and I put studs on my shoes, so ice is no longer an excuse.




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