Contributors Wanted

Hello!  Still working on some recipes to add, but I would like to post about a big goal I’ve set for this site.  When I initially started this blog (or whatever you’d like to call it), the intention was to foster a community of runners from the Pacific Northwest and/or anywhere else in the world.  I very much enjoy writing entries on this blog, but with a name like Wildwood Running, this should be something much bigger than one person.  Sure, I spend a great deal of time on the namesake trail, but there are so many others that do as well.  And there are so many trails out in there in the world that need their stories told.


Territory Run Co. has done an excellent job at fostering community.  They are a huge inspiration for me, as well as sites like The Ginger Runner, UltraRunner Podcast, Ten Junk Miles and iRunFar.  The reason I’m drawn to those five sites/podcasts is because of the community they promote.  They give us stories behind some of the most elite trail runners in the world.  They remind us that goals can be achieved if you train and work for it.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed hearing the most between these five sites is the capacity to turn failures into learning experiences, which make the victories that much better.


With that said, I would like to call upon any of you reading.  If you have a story or something you would like to write, I want to hear it.  Please feel free to email me,  If you are looking to be a regular contributor, please let me know so we can have that conversation.  I want to include everyone.  Please contact me if that sounds up your alley.


Also, I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a podcast.  That is something I would like to get off the ground, at some point.  If anyone reading would like to contribute as a host or guest, please contact me.  I’ve got stories, but I know you all do too, so I’d love the chance to share them.


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